Sunday, August 31, 2008

A day out with hubby

Last week I was in Tsukuba for my work. By the end of the day, I would be rather tired and eagerly waited to talk with my hubby over phone. But I could not talk much with him the entire week. Each time I rang him up (or he rang me), his mobile phone ran out of battery within 5 min of our conversation, which was rather frustrating.
After returning home, last Saturday I took out the battery of his mobile phone to see whether there was any problem or not. One look at the battery and we knew that the battery was the culprit. The middle portion of the battery was bulged out as if it had consumed too much electrical power and had 'metabolic syndrome'! This is the photo of the bulged battery.

Battery of old mobile phone

We were worried that the battery might blast and so we decided to replace his mobile phone with a new one. On Saturday afternoon we went to an electrical appliances shop named Yamada Denki in Akita city. Hubby liked a model of a mobile phone handset having one-seg (one segment) television, global positioning system (GPS), and an option for making payments for purchases of goods at convenience stores, departmental stores, and vending machines. The mobile phone unit was the latest model and its cost was around 50,000 Yen. Although it was a bit expensive, it was nice to see my hubby with a smiling face and so excited about his new mobile phone! Here are the photos of his old and new mobile phones. We can see that the new phone looks very cool and sleek.

Old mobile phone versus the new one

We shopped for a few more things, and it was only 6.30 pm by the time we finished our shopping. We both were not in the mood to return home so early. My hubby decided to go to a baseball batting center named Tennoh Batting Dome in Akita city. He batted for five games, with each game having 20 pitches. He was completely exhausted after swinging the bat so many times (100 to be exact!). This may be because he has not practised batting for quite some time now, as he has been rather busy with his office work. I had lots of fun watching him bat. Initially his batting stance was so funny and the batting was not so good but after the first game he seemed to get back his form. Here is a video of my hubby batting in the fourth game.

Hubby in a baseball batting center

After that we had dinner in a family restaurant named Gusto. Hubby had a Japanese dinner set and I had Mexican pilaf. We ended our dinner with chocolate-banana icecream parfait and coffee. It was a nice day out with hubby.

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