Sunday, August 24, 2008

Help needed for "help"

As I started blogging only about a week back and the blog format is still very new to me, I had many questions regarding the layout, color, counter, etc. So I started looking for the 'help' button on the blog layout. But I could not find it for more than two hours! I guess I was searching for it at all the wrong places.
Recently, my hubby has been quite busy with his office work and returns home late at night all tired and stressed out. Yesterday, eventhough he was too tired after returning home, I asked him to help me in finding the "help" button on my blog. He was really very amused that I needed help to find "help" in my blog. He had a nice laugh about it and that helped him to relax a bit. I am thankful that I could not find the "help" button myself!

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