Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bird's nest

On 8th of August, me and hubby were watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on television. Ours is a Bilingual television and at that time it was switched to the 'English mode'. Some commentry about Beijing National Stadium - Bird's Nest was going on. Although my hubby is quite proficient in English, somehow he was not aware as to what a "nest" means. So I started explaining by drawing on a piece of paper. It took me more than a minute to draw it but it looked so horrible that he said he could not understand. Later on I realized that he was just pulling my legs about not understanding as he drew a perfectly fantastic nest with baby birds within 20 sec! His drawing was so cute. Here is the photo of the drawing of the nest that we made. We can clearly see that his sense of drawing is far better than mine.

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