Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trip to Furusato Mura

On July 12, me and hubby were getting bored sitting at home and so we decided to visit Akita Furusato Mura (Akita Home Village) in Yokote city. It is an amusement theme park having the facilities the Akita Modern Art Museum, the Wonder Castle, a planetarium, and an Exhibition and Demonstration of Traditional Handicrafts facility.
Furusato Mura is located near the Yokote junction of the Akita expressway. It took us about 2 hours to reach there by car. As soon as we got out of the car, we saw that a high-school baseball game was going on in a nearby open stadium. My hubby's full concentration shifted to watching the game. Car parking space was in a hilly area and we could clearly see the ongoing game in the adjacent stadium. We enjoyed the game for about half an hour and then went to the amusement park.
First we entered the local handicrafts, food, and gift shops. It was nice to look at all the handicrafts but we did not buy anything. We skipped the planetarium as there was not enough time to visit all the facilities due to spending time for watching baseball.
Then we strolled outside the Museum of Modern Arts, as it was a clear day and the view was very good. Took photos of us with dogs (Akita?), elephant, and giraffe sculptures. The glass exterior of the museum is designed to reflect changing views of the sky, thereby making the building appear to be floating in the air. We did not go inside the museum as we would like to again visit Furusato Mura sometime in the future.
Next we visited Wonder Castle exhibiting illusion type pictures, which is ideal for kids and families. I guess hubby and me are still kids at heart, because we enjoyed it very much!
Overall, it was a bit childish but we enjoyed and had a nice day. Here are some of the photos we took.

Glass exterior of the museum reflecting the view of the sky

Hubby with elephant

Me and hubby with sculpted elephant

Me and hubby with sculpted dogs

Me infront of the Wonder Castle

Me so big

Me so small

Me so small

I am a tightrope walker

Wondering how hubby can tilt his body so much!

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