Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hubby made morning tea and brunch!

On last Sunday, hubby and me started watching '24 hour television' from early morning. It is a once-in-a-year summer event organized by Nippon Television Network Corporation of Japan. This TV program features a lot of artists, a lot of events, and the aim of this telethon is to raise funds for charities working with handicapped people.
Usually I need two cups of Indian tea in the morning to get me going. As I was watching television on Sunday morning, I felt lazy and somehow kept delaying and did not get to the point of making tea even up to 10 a.m. My hubby kindly volunteered to make a cup of tea for me and it was perfect, exactly the way I like it. I was surprised at the perfectness of the tea. This is because hubby usually does not drink Indian tea, except once in a while tasting it from my cup. He prefers green tea and that too after meals. So I asked him as to how he could make such a perfect cup of tea. He told me that he followed a very simple recipe. Mix half a cup of hot water and half a cup of milk, add two tea bags of lipton into it, and microwave it. Then add sugar a little at a time, tasting carefully. When he started feeling nauseated (kimochi warui: in Japanese) due to too much sugar, the tea is done! Well, the description about the amount of sugar was not exactly flattering but the tea tasted perfect. I like Indian tea with lots of milk and sugar. I know that it is not good for my health, but I love the taste of my morning tea. Thanks hubby for a wonderful cup of tea. Here is the photo of the cup of tea that he made.

Indian tea with sugar and milk

It was too late to have breakfast. My hubby again volunteered to make brunch for both of us, while I watched the television dramas. He made a simple and tasty brunch of bacon, meat patties, fried french beans, sausages, potato fries, miso soup, and rice. We both enjoyed having the brunch sitting in front of the television. Thanks hubby for a delicious brunch. Here is the photo of our brunch on a tray.

Brunch on tray

Well, I am fortunate that I have a domesticated hubby who shares the housework with me once in a while! However, after so much of help in the kitchen my hubby was very tired and slept for five hours at a stretch after brunch! Here is the photo of hubby sleeping after brunch.

Hubby tired and sleeping

I continued watching the television dramas up to 9 in the night and later made our dinner. It was a lazy day and we relaxed at home the whole day.


Neeraj said...

u should be kept away from my wife ...usko aise ideas nahi aane chahiye. Mai to maar jaunga itna kaam kar ke.. Golf kab khelunga!!!

google said...

brunch looks delicious ... yum yum!

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Neeraj, Thanks for your comment. It was raining on Sunday and hence hubby was at home cooking brunch. The tan in hubby's arm shows that he is playing golf very regularly!

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks google. Brunch was indeed yummy!