Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hong Kong House

On 27th March, a few of hubby’s office colleagues and their families had dinner party at a Chinese restaurant named Hong Kong House located in Yurihonjo city. The restaurant serves a unique style of Japanese Chinese cuisine that is very popular, distinct, and caters to Japanese tastes but is not necessarily typical authentic Chinese cuisine.

Hong Kong House restaurant is located about three kilometers away from our home. One of hubby’s office colleagues gave us a ride to the restaurant and it took us about ten minutes to reach there by her car. Hubby’s colleagues and families gathered at the restaurant at about 5.45 pm and the dinner party started at about 6 pm. We ordered various kinds of Japanese Chinese food like fried chicken karaage, shumai dumpling, deep-fried shrimp mixed in mayonnaise sauce (ebi-mayo), sweet and sour pork (subuta), stir-fried pepper steak (chin-jao rosu), stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce (ebi-chili), gyoza dumpling, fried rice (chahan), fried noodles topped with vegetables, meat, and seafoods simmered in a thick sauce (gomoku ankake yakisoba), and many more items. Drinks included beer, sake, oolong tea, and orange juice. There was a lot of food and free flow of drinks. Everyone enjoyed eating various kinds of dishes, drinking, and chatting with each other. There was a relaxed atmosphere at the dinner and it was nice to interact with all the people present.

Various kinds of Japanese Chinese food

Hubby’s colleague and family

Another colleague and family

Hubby and I along with two of hubby’s colleagues

Everyone enjoying dinner

There were three kids at the dinner party, and hubby and I had a lot of fun playing with them. Kids are so cute.
Hubby playing with a baby

The baby is so cute

Me with a kid

Me with two kids

No meal is complete without a dessert. So we ended the dinner with a small bowl of annin tofu which is a Japanese creamy almond gelatin dessert. The dinner party ended at about 9 pm. It felt great to go out for dinner with hubby’s colleagues and their families.

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