Thursday, April 15, 2010

Indian restaurant Lakshmi

On 21st March, hubby and I went for lunch at an Indian restaurant. We tried a new place named Lakshmi located in Akita city. The restaurant was about 50 km away from our home and it took us one hour to reach there by our car.
Indian restaurant Lakshmi

The restaurant was very clean and had eight table seats. The restaurant serves authentic Indian food cooked by an Indian chef and his assistants. There was a semi-open cooking area and we could watch the chef make hot naan breads. There were several choices for lunch and it was challenging for us to decide what to order off the menu as everything sounded good. Finally, hubby ordered a set menu named ‘Lakshmi tandoori lunch set’. I ordered a set menu named ‘A-lunch set’ having chicken curry and saffron rice. We also ordered masala chai. Hubby and I shared our food so that we could taste both the lunch sets.
Lunch menu

Both the lunch sets had salad of shredded cabbage. Chicken curry of ‘A-lunch set’ was delicious and it was fun to eat spicy hot curry. The combination of saffron rice and chicken curry was perfect. I relished eating the food very much. Hubby also tasted it and liked the spiciness of the curry.
Shredded cabbage salad

Chicken curry

Chicken curry and saffron rice set

Hubby tasting chicken curry

The dishes of ‘Lakshmi tandoori lunch set’ were served in small bowls on a round steel main tray. On the main tray there was naan bread, rice, and a piece of tandoori chicken. Palak-paneer (spinach-cheese) and daal (a pulse preparation) curries along with yoghurt were served in smaller bowls. The taste of the curries was balanced with the right consistency and went fairly well with both rice and naan. Naan was soft, chewy, and flavorful. Tandoori chicken and palak-paneer were delicious. Although I am not sure the type of pulse used for making daal curry, a special feature of this daal recipe was that it had asafetida as one of the spice ingredients. Asafetida has a distinctive pungent aroma, which may be unpleasant to some people. It was the first time that hubby had daal curry with asafetida in it and he was rather shocked by the aroma as he is not used to very strong spicy aromatic flavors. So it was very amusing to see his shocked facial expression when he tasted daal curry. Later I ate his entire bowl of daal curry, and found it to be very flavorful and delicious. We finished the meal with a bowl of plain yoghurt topped with mango sauce. Yoghurt is considered to aid in digestion of hot and spicy Indian food.
Lakshmi tandoori lunch set

Hubby about to eat a piece of naan bread

Hubby busy eating

After the meal, hubby and I had a cup of masala chai. It was sweet milky tea with lot of spices, and a great after-lunch treat.
Masala chai

Hubby enjoying masala chai

Hubby and I enjoyed eating hot and spicy lunch at Indian restaurant Lakshmi. The quality of food at this restaurant was very high. Aroma of various spices and warm rich flavorful Indian food usually lifts my spirit up.


Arvind said...

This restaurant seems to be very nice.If i ever visit nigata , will definitely go there.At present i am working in Takatsuki-city Osaka.

It was really nice to read your blog.


Jane Sean said...

I am also looking to marry a Japanese girl in Japan. I live in Osaka.
Can you let me know more about your experience.

Abhi said...

By the way my email is visible to you in previous comment.
Please use that for any feedback, in case you have time.
Will be my pleasure to listen from you .

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks for your comment Arvind. Nice to know that you are working in Osaka.

We live in Akita. Do visit Akita whenever you have time. It is a wonderful place with natural beauties all around.

I visited you blog and will do so often. Nice one. And do visit my blog too and leave your comments.

Have a great day.

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Hi Jane/Abhi, In this blog I write about everyday life with hubby and sightseeing experiences.
The purpose of the blog is not about how to look for a partner to get married. So I am sorry that I am unable to help you in this regard. Best wishes.

dudshane01 said...

Hi Manisha
""In this blog I write about everyday life with hubby and sightseeing experiences.""
I had considered the fact and made the second comment last time especially for that.(Requesting email)
That was more of a personal request for you opinion than a professional request. Anyhow, seems you missed the point.
I didn't request you to write the reply in comments on your blog.

""The purpose of the blog is not about how to look for a partner to get married""
That was never the question, I really can't understand how you managed to twist the question that way. :)
Thx for your wishes all the same.

Kazuo Nagata said...

Naan wa nandaka mochiron mochi-mochi. Chai wa chichchai. Gomennachai..

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

That is Oyajigag!! I love dajare! Thanks for your comment Kazuo.

Anindya said...

There is a beautiful Bangladeshi restaurant "Shagorika" near Asakusha in Tokyo. It serves authentic Indian & banglasedhi food. The quality of food also quite good. Go there when you are in Tokyo.

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks for your comment Anindya. We will surely give restaurant 'Shagorika' a try when we go to Tokyo area. Thanks for the information.