Thursday, April 29, 2010

Restaurant Mannan

On 18th April, hubby and I had lunch at a Bangladeshi restaurant named Mannan. The restaurant has newly opened this spring and is located inside a supermarket chain named Gran Mart of Izumi town in Akita. The restaurant is about 50 kilometers away from our home and it took us one hour to reach there by our car.
Mannan restaurant at Green Mart supermarket

The restaurant is extremely clean as it has opened just one month ago. A huge poster is present at the entrance of the restaurant that provides information about the restaurant and a brief explanation of Bangladeshi food. There are many table seats inside the restaurant. We chose to sit in a semi-private room. Toys of an elephant and an auto-rickshaw were placed on the windowsill of this room, which looked very cute and the restaurant looked rather authentic.
Hubby standing at the entrance of the restaurant

Semi-private room inside the restaurant

There were several choices for lunch and it was a bit challenging for us to decide what to order off the menu. Finally, hubby ordered palak paneer and rice. I ordered coconut chicken curry and naan bread. Hubby and I shared our food so that we could taste both the curries. Naan was soft and chewy. Both the curries were simple and delicious. The aroma, flavor, and taste of the curries were authentic which reminded me of my mother’s home-cooked food that tastes somewhat similar to Bangladeshi food. We enjoyed our lunch very much.
Menu front


Palak paneer and rice

Hubby having lunch

Coconut chicken curry and naan

Me having lunch

Bangladeshi shawls were provided at each table and I wrapped it around me just for the sake of taking a photo.
I am wrapped in a shawl

We liked the food of Mannan restaurant and would definitely visit again.


Anonymous said...

hi Manisha,

how are you?do you remember me?
very interesting this bangladesh restaurant...i never see one in Rome,but there are a lot of indian restaurant. palak paneer...must to be delicious.The shawl is perfect on you :-)



Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Hello Guitarotoko,
Thanks for your comment. Ofcourse I remember you!
Yeah, I guess there are not as many Bangladeshi restaurants as Indian ones. No idea about the reason though...I love palak paneer but not much spicy ones.
Thanks for appreciating the shawl on me :)