Friday, October 21, 2016

Michikawa Beach

This summer hubby and I had been to a couple of beaches in Akita prefecture. On 24th July and again on 7th August we had been to Michikawa Beach located in Yurihonjo City. Michikawa Beach faces the Sea of Japan and is known for beautiful clean fine white sand. The beach has highly transparent shallow water. It is a popular spot to observe sunset over the sea. The beach is open from mid-July to mid-August.

The first time we visited Michikawa Beach this year was on the afternoon of 24th July. The beach is located about 21 kilometers north of our home and it took us 30 minutes to reach there by our car. After parking our car at a parking lot, we walked up to the beach. Since the beach was open for the summer, we saw many people enjoying the beach and the sea. Hubby and I took a walk along the beach and enjoyed the views. The beach was so serene, beautiful, and peaceful. It was really nice to see the sea waves rolling and crashing on the beach rhythmically. It was exciting and we thoroughly enjoyed the soothing sounds of the sea waves crashing on the beach. We loved the beautiful scenic views all around us.
Hubby standing at Michikawa beach

I am standing at the beach

Afterwards, we entered the sea water and I played with the rolling waves for some time. We were literally shaken up every time we were hit by a wave inside the sea. It was very exhilarating and thrilling experience. We also swam in the shallow sea water for quite some time. The sounds of the sea seemed to wash away our daily worries and we had so much fun. Hubby took many photos of me enjoying inside the sea.
I am standing inside the sea

Sea water was very cold

I am swimming - 1

I am swimming - 2

I am swimming - 3

I am swimming - 4

I am swimming - 5

I am swimming - 6

I am swimming - 7

I am swimming - 8

I am swimming - 9

I am swimming - 10

I am swimming - 11

Afterwards I took the camera from hubby and clicked a few photos of him swimming in the sea. He seemed to enjoy swimming very much and was very relaxed afterwards. We enjoyed a lot and had a relaxing and wonderful time at the beach.
Hubby posing inside the sea

Hubby saw many tiny fishes swimming all around him

Hubby wading and enjoying inside the sea

And more wading in the sea water

Hubby swimming and moving deep into the sea

Hubby swimming and moving deeper into the sea

Hubby swimming and returning back towards the beach

Hubby posing while returning back towards the beach

Hubby very satisfied after swimming a lot

Drying himself up at the beach

Since we so much enjoyed going to Michikawa Beach on 24th July, we again visited the beach in the afternoon of 7th August. That day we noted that there were too many visitors to the beach as it was the peak summer season. It was a very hot day, so we put up a portable pop-up tent at the beach and relaxed inside the tent for a long time. From the tent we enjoyed the sea and the rolling waves crashing on the beach. Afterwards we entered the sea but I swam only for some time and returned to the tent to just relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon. Hubby swam for about 1.5 hours though intermittently. He got rather hungry due to swimming for a long time, and so we had some sandwiches and cold drinks while relaxing inside the tent. We enjoyed the beautiful views all around us. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.
I am sitting inside the tent we put up at Michikawa Beach

Hubby sitting inside the tent and holding a thermometer which shows the temperature that day was 36 degrees Celsius

I am swimming inside the sea

Hubby going inside the sea

Hubby looking at tiny fishes swimming all around him

Hubby (center) and many visitors in the sea

Hubby posing again

Hubby returning to the beach after swimming

Hubby looks a bit tired after swimming for a long time

Handsome guy

Hubby having sandwiches

Hubby thirsty and having cold energy drink

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