Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Home-cooked food

Since April of this year, hubby started taking pictures of some of the food items I cook at home and posts them on his social networking site Facebook page. Today while seeing his timeline on Facebook, I realized that he has clicked quite a lot of food-related photos. I feel that he clicks photos of noodles more often than other food items, probably because I usually make all kinds of noodles from scratch. Or may be it just depends on his mood on that particular day. I am sharing some of the photos of home-cooked food items here.
Miso-based Takikomi Gohan (April 13)

Kitsune Udon (April 14)

Karaage (April 15)

Niratama tou Butaniku no Itame - stir fry of garlic chives, eggs, and pork (April 16)

Mabodofu (April 17)

Chashu pork (April 19)

Making of Torigara chicken stock (April 19)

Shoyu Ramen (April 20)

Pirikara (spicy) Miso Ramen (April 21)

Gyudon (April 22)

Hoikoro (April 23)

Hambaagu (hamburger steak) with Wafu (Japanese style) sauce (April 24)

Kakiage Udon (April 26)

Gyoza (April 27)

Kakiage Udon with raw egg (May 17)

Medamayaki Hambaagu (hamburger steak) (May 19)

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Tempura) (May 21)

Kitsune Soba topped with Tenkasu (May 22)

Clam Chowder (May 31)

Pancakes (May 31)

Chikuwa no Isobe Age (June 02)

Tonkatsu (June 05)

Fukujinzuke pickles (June 08)

Tonjiru (June 10)

Kimuchi Gyudon (June 11)

Menma (June 25)

Pork curry (Japanese curry) and Genmai rice with Fukujinzuke pickles (July 02)

Corn and green peas Kakiage as well as Tempura of Shiitake, asparagus and lotus root Renkon (July 06)

Shoyu-based Takikomi Gohan (July 07)

Wafudashi (Japanese stock) Ramen - Chashu, noodles, Menma, and Torigara soup are all homemade (July 14)

Miso Ramen (July 15)

Piiman no Nikuzume - stuffed bell peppers (July 17)

Raviolis with stuffing of Paneer cheese, sausages, and mixed seafood (July 19)

Asari no Kushiage (August 09)

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing the photos of various home-cooked food items. And I hope to share more photos of home-cooked food items again after a couple of months.


Anonymous said...

Those dishes look delicious! Lucky hubby!
I'm going to try making fujinzuke.
I always enjoy reading your blog...

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment and reading my blog. I am still learning cooking various kinds of Japanese dishes....Fukujinzuke is actually very easy to make. Hope it comes out well. Best wishes.