Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Boy restaurant

On November 21st, hubby and I had lunch at Big Boy restaurant in Akita city. Big Boy is a restaurant chain that originated in USA. It was founded by Bob Wian in Glendale, California, in 1936, and presently has its headquarters at Warren, Michigan. Big Boy Japan was started in 1977 and presently has its headquarters at Minato-ku in Tokyo. As of June 2010, Big Boy Japan operates at 322 locations under three restaurant names, namely Big Boy, Victory Station, and Grill Dan. Although Big Boy restaurant is a burger house in USA, here in Japan it is a family restaurant specializing in hamburger steaks.

The first time I had been to Big Boy restaurant was in Chofu city in Japan way back in 1997 and had fallen in love with the food of this restaurant. I used to have lunch or dinner probably about once a week at this restaurant for almost 2.5 years during my initial stay in Japan. This time I had lunch at Big Boy restaurant after more than a decade. On reaching the restaurant in Akita city, we saw the trademark chubby Big Boy mascot in red and white checked overalls holding a hamburger steak in a platter. Seeing the mascot warmed my heart.
Big Boy restaurant

Big Boy restaurant

Big Boy mascot

We had late lunch that day, and so there were very few customers inside the restaurant. There was a salad bar, a soup bar, and a drink bar. The salad was fresh and superb, and we also had various kinds of cold drinks.
Salad, soup, and drink bar


Hubby having salad

I am drinking melon soda

Hubby ordered a lunch menu named ‘Big Boy cheese in hamburg and cut steak’, which included a cheese-stuffed hamburger steak and a few slices of thinly cut steaks. I ordered an ‘egg hamburg’, which was a hamburger steak topped with a fried egg. Some vegetables and potatoes were also included in these menu dishes. We each had a plate of rice also. The food arrived in sizzling platters. The food was prepared perfectly and the service was also very good. The food was excellent, really filling, and absolutely delicious.
A platter of Big Boy cheese in hamburg and cut steak

A platter of egg hamburg

Our lunch

Hubby having lunch

I am having lunch

Hubby and I had a tasty experience at Big Boy restaurant. We have decided to go more often to the restaurant.

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