Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Winter has finally arrived and it is getting very cold here in Akita prefecture. This season's first snow fell on the 19th of November. Since then it has been snowing on and off amost everyday. I love to see it snowing. But unfortunately I find it difficult to walk on snow. Last year was my first winter in Akita prefecture, and I slipped, tripped, and fell several times on icy and snowy roads during my evening walks or while walking to the nearby supermarket. This year, to avoid or minimize such painful falls and embarassing accidents, hubby purchased a treadmill. The treadmill arrived home last week and hubby put it together in a matter of few minutes. We are very happy with our purchase as now I can walk on the treadmill while watching the television programs. It is rather convenient and an effective way to workout and walk/run indoors. Now I do not have to worry about the unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow, and dangerous icy roads. Our exercise equipment has many features like running/walking speed control, step count, timer, distance covered, heart rate monitor, and the amount of calories expended. I am quite excited about our new treadmill.

Our new treadmill

Control panel of the treadmill

Hubby working out and walking on the treadmill

Various poses of hubby on the treadmill


google said...

great buy! burn atleast 700 cal/day... ;-)

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Yeah, will try to burn enough calories :-)