Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Drive from Aomori City to Shingo Village

As I wrote in an earlier post, hubby and I had been on a sightseeing trip to Aomori prefecture in the month of December 2016. On 22nd December, we visited the Tomb of Jesus Christ in Shingo Village in the nighttime, and later stayed at a hotel in Aomori City that night. The next day on 23rd December, we visited Sannai Maruyama archaeological site and a related museum in Aomori City and an exhibition of Tom and Jerry products in the city itself. That night also we stayed at the same hotel in Aomori City. On 24th morning, we checked out of the hotel and started on our return trip to home. When we reached around Shingo Village, we took a detour and again visited the Tomb of Jesus Christ. In this post, I will write about our car ride from Aomori City to Shingo Village and the beautiful snow covered nature all around us.

While driving within Aomori City, we noted that although the weather was fine that time, it had snowed heavily the previous two nights, and there was snow all around us along the road. A lot of snow had accumulated, and the trees and faraway mountains were fully covered in snow. We clicked a few photos of the snow covered Aomori City and the faraway views from inside our car.

A few photos of the snow covered Aomori City area and the faraway mountains

After about an hour of driving along a highway, we reached a mountainous road with dense forest along both sides of the road. We saw blankets of heavy snow all around us along this curvy road. There was deep snow on the mountains and everything seemed to be purified and white in color. We loved looking at the wonderful pure white forest along the road. The snow covered nature looked so beautiful and it seemed to welcome everyone for a white Christmas. Although I do not like such extreme cold weather, seeing the snow covered nature and pure whiteness all around us was a treat to our eyes. We clicked many photos of the snow covered mountainous road, the white forest along the road, and the mountain itself from inside our car. All the photos look like the back and white era photos with a hint of blue sky sometimes. Please enjoy looking at the photos.

Many photos of the snow covered mountainous road with beautiful white forest along the road

After about two hours of car ride, we reached Shingo Village where we loved looking at the Tomb of Jesus Christ in the daytime and enjoyed playing with the fluffy snow near the tomb area. We left Shingo Village at about 2 pm and started on our way back home. Along the way, we saw snow covered Mount Iwate in Iwate prefecture. The mountain looked majestic.
Snow covered Shingo Village

Hubby and snow covered trees

I am standing next to fluffy snow

Snow covered Mount Iwate

Majestic Mount Iwate


Anonymous said...

really nice photographs. Captures the essence of your drive really well

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment magicalfed :)