Thursday, July 16, 2015

My birthday

My birthday was on 19th June. Although hubby and I are not into celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in a grand way, we usually have some simple funny celebrations to create happy memories for us.

Hubby is extremely busy with office work during weekdays. However in spite of his very busy schedule, while returning home on Thursday night (18th June) he bought a few pieces of various kinds of cakes, cream puffs, and puddings from a convenience store located near our home. He reached home at about 10 pm, ate dinner, and fell asleep. In fact, while having dinner he had asked me to wake him up at midnight just in case he dozed off. However, he looked so tired that I just did not have the heart to wake him up when the clock struck midnight. The next morning, on 19th June, hubby felt rather bad about it. I told him that the feeling of unity and support is more important than having the cake exactly at midnight. Finally, we had a mini celebration on the evening of 19th June. Hubby arranged the cakes, cream puffs, and puddings on a plate, and immediately had few pieces of the cakes. He joked that he was checking whether the cakes were good enough for me to have or not! He is so funny and cute. The cakes were delicious. Every year we have some simple and funny celebrations to make memories.
Hubby arranged various kinds of cakes, cream puffs, and pudding on a plate

Hubby ate a few pieces of the cakes before I could have any

Funny memories

Hubby often goes to Thailand for business trips. Every time he returns home, he brings back a present for me and most of the time it is some sort of jewelry. Hubby had been to Thailand during mid-June and brought back a colorful chunky beads necklace and a beads bracelet. I was very happy as I thought they are my birthday present.
Hubby ready for a business trip to Thailand sometime in mid-June

I love the chunky beads necklace and the beads bracelet that hubby brought back from Thailand

On the weekend following my birthday, hubby and I went to a shopping mall named Aeon Mall in Akita city where we often watch Hollywood movies at a theater named Toho Cinemas. We had almost two hours of free time before the movie started. So hubby took me to one of the jewelry shops in the mall. I was very surprised that hubby asked the shop staff to show platinum ring for my finger size. Initially I thought that he was just killing time, but he really bought a ring. Hubby chose the design of the ring, and it is really very cute. Afterwards he told me that the platinum ring is the real birthday present. Thanks hubby for a wonderful present. I am thankful that God put the most wonderful husband in the world in my path. I am very happy and thankful for all the joy of having a loving and understanding hubby.
The shop staff packed the platinum ring in a beautiful white box and gift wrapped it in cute pink wrapping paper

Platinum ring

Thanks hubby for the beautiful ring

Another year has added to my age. I love every moment of my life with hubby. He makes my life happy and so meaningful.


Saru Singhal said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Belated birthday wishes.

Indrani said...

May this love continue for ever! :)
My birthday wishes belated though are most sincere.
Have a great year ahead!

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thank you very much for your kind wishes Saru Singhal.

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thank you very much for your kind wishes Indrani.