Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indian restaurant Khana Khana

Six years ago today (21st August) I wrote the first post in this blog. It is hard to believe how fast six years have gone by. To celebrate the sixth anniversary of this blog, I will write about our visit to an Indian restaurant named Khana Khana. It is a small restaurant located in a place called Hiroomote Hirune along Highway 28 in Akita City.

Hubby and I had lunch at Khana Khana restaurant on 2nd August. The restaurant is located about 50 kilometers away from our home and it took us about an hour to reach there by our car. On reaching the restaurant area, we realized that they do not have a parking lot. But a supermarket named Itoku, located diagonally opposite the restaurant, has a huge parking lot that was almost empty at that time. So we parked our car at the supermarket parking lot.

On entering Khana Khana restaurant we realized that it is a very small restaurant with four tables and only ten customers can eat at a time. But it is a cute and extremely clean restaurant managed by Japanese staff. The restaurant serves authentic Indian food cooked by a Japanese chef and his assistants.

We ordered two types of Thali lunch set. Both the set menu lunch were priced at 850 Yen. I ordered red chicken curry (chicken vindaloo) Thali set and hubby ordered shrimp coconut curry (Goan prawn curry) Thali set. In addition to the chicken curry or the shrimp curry, each lunch set consisted of a dry curry, rice, salad, Papad, and mango pickle. Chicken curry and shrimp curry had a lot of curry sauce. The dry curry of that day was potato and cauliflower cooked in curry paste. The vegetable salad was made of shredded cabbage, tomato and crushed Papad, and was topped with a special curry dressing. The rice used was Indica rice grown in Niigata prefecture. Hubby and I shared our food so that we could taste both the lunch sets. The red chicken curry was hot and spicy while the shrimp curry was mild. The taste of the curries was balanced with the right consistency and went fairly well with Indica rice. We relished eating different curries with various levels of spiciness. All the curry dishes of the lunch sets were served in small steel bowls on a round steel main tray, and it was fun to eat from such cute little bowls. We enjoyed eating Thali lunch sets.
Hubby’s Thali lunch set

Dry curry, salad, and shrimp coconut curry (left to right) in hubby’s lunch set

Hubby having lunch

My Thali lunch set

Dry curry, salad, and red chicken curry (left to right) in my lunch set

I am having lunch

Hubby had Lassi and I had Mango Lassi along with the meal. Both the Lassi were so delicious and went quite well with the spicy meal.
Lassi (left) and Mango Lassi (right)

Hubby having Lassi

Hubby and I enjoyed having lunch at Khana Khana restaurant in Akita City. It was the most delicious Indian food we have had in Akita prefecture.

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