Friday, April 4, 2014

Trip to Oga Peninsula - part 1

Hubby and I visited Oga Peninsula twice in the month of November 2013. Oga Peninsula is a rugged peninsula which projects west into the Sea of Japan from the coast of Akita prefecture. We visited Unosaki Kaigan Coast and Godzilla Rock in Oga Peninsula on 9th November. I guess this blog post has been pending for a very long time.

Unosaki Kaigan Coast
On 9th November, first we visited Unosaki Kaigan Coast, which is located about 90 kilometers north-northwest of our home. We left our home at about 1 pm and it took us about 2 hours to reach the coast area. Unosaki Kaigan Coast is located in the southern part of Oga Peninsula overlooking the Sea of Japan, and extends from Onagawa to Daishima over a length of about 1500 meters. Along Unosaki Kaigan Coast, there is a beach which has been designated as Japan’s top 100 scenic beaches by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 1994. During low tide, the surfaces of the coastal rocks are exposed, and the exposed shallow shoal extends for about 200 meters towards the sea. Unosaki Kaigan Coast looked so calm and peaceful. The sky, the sea, and the exposed shoal made for beautiful scenery. I walked on the exposed shoal for about 100 meters towards the sea. It was fun. We took several photos of the coast and the surroundings.
Unosaki Kaigan Coast and the Sea of Japan as viewed to our left side

The view of the sea in front of us

The coast and the sea to our right side

Surfaces of some of the coastal rocks are exposed during the low tide

A few more exposed rocks

Beautiful scenery at the coast

Hubby standing at the coast

I am standing at the coast along with a lot of exposed rocks

More exposed rocks and the exposed shallow shoal

I am walking on the exposed shoal and going towards the sea

It felt surrealistic to be surrounded by exposed rocks and sea water while walking on the shoal

It was an amazing experience to walk on the exposed shoal

Mountains as viewed from the coast

Godzilla Boulder
Next, we drove along the road adjacent to the coast, and saw many unique cliffs and rocks all along the way. We drove for about 7 kilometers towards the west, and reached the site of a huge rock named Godzilla Boulder located along the coast. The boulder is so named because of its shape. We arrived at the Godzilla Boulder area at about 3.45 pm, 40 minutes before sunset, and remained there until about 5 pm. The monster boulder seemed to be glowing in the evening sunlight, and watching over each and every visitor. We loved spending time at this majestic place where the sea breeze gently blew across and the waves calmly lapped the shore. We got excellent views of the entire place and were fascinated by the perfect scenery spread right before us. From this coast, we took in the full splendor of the evening sun setting beyond the sea horizon. The Godzilla Boulder with the golden sunset at the back seemed absolutely stunning. I feel that dusk is the prefect time to view the monster. We took many photos of the coast and the monster boulder.
Car parking area at Godzilla Boulder area

Unique rectangular shaped rock near Godzilla Boulder area

Hubby, I and the rectangular rock in the background

Hubby surrounded by rocks near the coast

Rocks, Sea of Japan, and I

Rocks and the sea

Godzilla Boulder

Godzilla Boulder and nearby huge rocks

Enlarged view of Godzilla monster

The monster and I

Hubby and the monster

Beautiful sunset view

Sun setting beyond the sea

Hubby clicking away in the beautiful scenic area

We had a nice time that day. While returning home, we saw the moon in the clear sky which looked so amazing. In the next post, I will write about two more sightseeing places that we visited in Oga Peninsula at the end of November 2013.
The moon


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