Sunday, April 15, 2012

Akita Prefectural Skate Rink

Hubby wanted to go ice skating during the winter months, and so on 12th February we went to a nearby skate rink. Akita Prefectural Skate Rink is an indoor ice skating rink located in Akita city of Akita prefecture. The skate rink was constructed in 1971 and looks like a huge cocoon from the outside. The rink spans an area of 13954 square meters and has several facilities inside. There is an oval speed skating rink of dimensions 333 meters by 13 meters. In addition, there is a central sunken inner rink measuring 60 meters by 30 meters, which is primarily used for ice hockey and figure skating. Every year this skate rink is opened to the public from end of October to Mid March.

We reached the skate rink in Akita city at about 2 pm. It was snowing heavily that day and the rink looked like a huge white beautiful cocoon. After parking our car, we went inside the rink and at the front desk hubby paid 580 Yen as admission fee and an additional 420 Yen for skate rental. I am unable to do any type of winter sports, and so I just accompanied hubby and watched him skate. At the skate rental counter, hubby had a bit of difficulty in finding a pair of skates that fit him properly. But eventually the staff found a perfectly fitting pair. Hubby tied the laces of the skate and was ready to skate.
Akita Prefectural Skate Rink

I am walking outside the building

Hubby holding a pair of skates

Hubby putting on the skates

Ready to skate

A pair of skates

The indoor ice skate rink seemed so vast and beautiful. People of various ages were practicing ice skating. It was the first time for me to visit a skate rink, and I was really amazed to see little kids practicing speed skating and figure skating routines.
Panoramic view of indoor skate rink

Speed skating rink in the foreground and the central inner rink for ice hockey and figure skating in the background

The roof of the indoor rink is so beautiful

Kids and parents practicing figure skating in the inner rink

Another view of the inner rink

Hubby had not ice skated for almost 2.5 decades and so I was a bit worried and apprehensive initially. But he started skating very well and efficiently around the oval 333 meters track. In fact I had never seen him skate before and so I was really amazed, and forgot to take photos and videos initially. Hubby took a video of the skate rink and the course surroundings during the second lap of skating around the track.
Hubby ready to start skating

A compiled video of the skate rink and the course surroundings taken by hubby while skating during the second lap of the first round

Hubby skated two more laps around the course and then took a break for some time. He was tired after four laps as it was after such a long time that he was skating. But he was really enjoying himself and after about ten minutes of rest, he again started skating. I took a few photos of him skating and having fun. He skated four laps during the second round, took rest for some time, and again skated four more laps during the third round. I compiled two videos of him skating during the fourth lap of the second round and second lap of the third round. It was fun to watch him skate.

A few photos of hubby skating

A compiled video of hubby skating during the fourth lap of the second round

Another compiled video of hubby skating during the second lap of the third round

Hubby was really tired after the third round of skating. He had skated for almost an hour, though not continuously. He decided to end the skate practice that day and later had some cold drinks. I was really excited to see hubby skate. I hope that I too can skate some day in future though it seems too nerve wracking.
Tired hubby having a cold drink


Seema said...

Beautiful pictures and i think your hubby skates well....why you were not trying?

cfp123 said...

This is really interesting…

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks Seema for liking the pictures. Yeah hubby skates well as he has done a lot of practice during his schooldays.... Although I can walk on snow, I have absolutely no idea how to walk/skate on ice. It is beyond me. I am a bit scared to break bones...ha ha ha...

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks cfp123.