Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow in Akita

As I wrote in the previous post, hubby and I had been to India during the New Year holidays. We were in India for a week about which I will write in the next few posts. We returned back to Akita on 9th January and were surprised to see the massive amount of snow at Akita Airport area. The amount of snow was too much considering the fact that it was just the beginning of January. The weather here was drastically different as compared to India. That day the temperature in Akita was 35 degrees Celsius lower than Mumbai, and hubby and I felt so cold.
Akita Airport

Akita Airport

Snow covered cars at a parking area near airport

People removing snow from their car

Winters in Akita prefecture are reputed to be among the snowiest and coldest in Japan. Winter is long and too severe with the temperature staying at sub-zero levels throughout the months of January and February. While driving back home from Akita Airport, we saw blankets of heavy snow all around us. There was deep snow and everything seemed to be purified and white in color. I took several photos of the snow around us. I also compiled a video of the snow covered Akita that I took during our car ride.

A few photos of snow covered Akita that we clicked during car ride from the airport to our home

Video of our car ride in snow covered Akita

After reaching home, I had to immediately turn on the kerosene fan heaters as all the rooms were freezing cold. This is because in Japan generally there is no central heating facility or thermal insulation of homes. Therefore, kerosene fan heaters are essential part of our lives during winter season. Such stoves keep the rooms warm and have proven to be real life savers for us in a cold place like Akita. I have written about such fan heaters in an earlier post which is here.
Kerosene gas heater

This year the amount of snow that has fallen in Akita and other northern prefectures is almost double as compared to the same time previous year. Nowadays I can see our neighbors shoveling snow a couple of times in a day and about 3-4 meters of snow is piled up near our home area. We are in the middle of harsh windy cold winter here in Akita.
Piled up snow near our home


chts99 said...

OMG.. so much of snow.. I'm sure it must be real difficult to be in the sub-zero levels. I guess u need to do stock up your grocery shopping before hand.

Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks chts99 for your comment...Yeah, life is rather difficult during winter in Akita. I took these photos in the beginning of January. Now more than two meters of snow (total until today) has fallen at the place where we live. Yes, we have to do weekly shopping and stock up...Eagerly waiting for the arrival of spring...