Monday, August 16, 2010

Baseball game at Komachi stadium

On July 3rd, hubby and I went to see a professional baseball game at Komachi stadium in Akita city. Komachi stadium is a baseball stadium in Akita prefecture which was built in 2003. Professional baseball game is usually played only twice in a year in Akita prefecture, and are played at this stadium. This year it was held on July 3rd and 4th. The games were played between Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Chunichi Dragons teams. Baseball is probably the most popular sport in Japan. There are two professional baseball leagues in Japan; the Central League and the Pacific League, each consisting of six teams. Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Chunichi Dragons both belong to the Central League.

The baseball game of 3rd July was a night game that started at 6 pm. We reached Komachi stadium at about 5.45 pm and had to park our car at a parking area which was about 5 km away from the stadium. Free bus service was provided from the parking area up to the stadium.
Car parking area

Free bus service from the car parking area up to the stadium

On reaching the stadium, we saw that there was festive mood all around. The stadium has infield seating capacity of 15,000 and outfield lawn ground seats of 10,000. Hubby and I are fans of Chunichi Dragons as the team is based in Nagoya (hubby’s hometown). Most of the fans of this team were seated in the lawn seats, and so we bought two tickets for the lawn seats which cost 2300 Yen per person. The minute we entered inside the stadium, we were transported to a different world altogether!
Festive mood in front of the stadium

Ticket for the lawn seat

Hubby climbing the steps of Komachi stadium

The baseball game was already underway. It was fun to watch the game. I loved the enthusiastic atmosphere inside the stadium. In Japan, attending a baseball game in a stadium usually involves active participation of the spectators. There was a coordinated cheering that was led by cheer captains in the outfield bleachers. The fans of the batting team chanted, sang, and rhythmically banged plastic bats. Their synchronized roar dominated the stadium. The fans of the team in the field maintained a respectful silence that was interrupted only by a wave of applause after each out. I compiled a video of Chunichi Dragons fans singing and cheering Dragons batters.

Inside Komachi stadium

Huge crowd watching the game

Hubby enjoying the baseball game along with many Chunichi Dragons fans

Hubby enjoying the game

I am enjoying the game

A compiled video of Chunichi Dragons fans cheering for their team

Baseball game underway

Midway of the game, there was an amazing fireworks show for about two minutes that all the spectators enjoyed. I compiled a video of the fireworks show.

A compiled video of the fireworks show

Soon it started getting dark and it was fun to watch the game under the floodlights. We saw two crew members of a television network recording the game. As the game neared the end, the fans got more and more excited and cheered loudly for their favorite team. The fans have an immense love for their team and an endless reserve of energy.
A television network crew recording the game

Inside Komachi stadium at night

Hubby enjoying the baseball game

Baseball game underway under the floodlights

That day Tokyo Yakult Swallows won the game, and hubby and I were a bit sad about it. The game was over at about 8 pm. After the game, the atmosphere inside the stadium calmed down, and everyone packed up their belongings and shuffled out of the stadium. After some time, we also left the stadium. We used the free bus service to go up to the car parking area and then went home. Although hubby’s favorite team lost that day but he was very happy to see a professional baseball game at a stadium after almost a year.
Hubby watching the end of the game

I am a bit sad after Chunichi Dragons lost the game


Laya's Blog said...

Manisha, loved the description as well as the pictures. Can you tell me how you manage to upload Youtube videos on your blog? I couldn't.


Manisha Kundu-Nagata said...

Thanks for your comment, Laya. Nice to know that you liked the description and the photos.

For uploading youtube videos, we have to copy the embedding code and paste it to the appropriate place in the html version of our draft. We can also modify the height and width of the video in the html format.