Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guest post: Golden week holidays - part 4

My name is Kazuo Nagata and I would like to thank my wife Manisha for inviting me to write in her blog. I will write about my experience of playing golf with my father and his friends during the golden week holidays this year.

I started playing golf about eight years back but usually cannot practice as much I would like to. Akita is a very cold snowy place and all the golf courses are closed for almost five months in a year. So I was eagerly looking forward to playing golf during the golden week holidays.

On May 03, I went to play golf with seven more people including my father, relatives, and father’s friends. We held a competition at a golf course named Lions golf club located in Kameyama city of Mie prefecture. It was a shiny day and best weather condition for playing golf. I was very happy to play golf. However, my performance did not match my enthusiasm, and I scored lowest in the competition. I have to regularly practice golf to improve my golfing skills.
Eight of us at Lions golf club (I am in black shirt)

Eight of us at a restaurant of the golf club

For the sake of my pride, I forced my father (sponsor) and a few others to play golf again the next day. On May 04, my father, his wife, two of their friends, and I played golf and held a competition at a golf course named Sunclassic golf club located in Kani city of Gifu prefecture. I was anxious and felt a lot of pressure to perform well. Due to this I could not show my original ability and talent in playing golf. Yet again I scored the lowest in the competition. Does my reason for again playing so miserably sound like a good excuse? I guess so! I think I need a lot of deliberate practice to improve my skills and play better golf more consistently.
Sunclassic golf club

My father (center) chatting with others at the golf course

Father and his wife at their golf cart before the start of play

Another view of the golf course

I am taking a swing

My uncle (left) and father's friend in front of a cafeteria at the golf club

These days I am watching the video ‘Legend of Tiger Woods’ and practicing golf a lot to hone my skills. Due to too much golf practice under hot sun, I got a very uneven tan on my hands and face.
Uneven tan on my hand


Yasu said...

Hi, Kazuo. I'm Yasu from Perth, Australia. I'm a Japanese but have never been to Akita and did not know that golf courses there are closed for nearly half a year. It must be extremely cold in winter times in Akita.

It was a pity that you were the one who suggested the 2nd golf competition and still came in last. I sympathized (or I shouldn't?! ) and laughed at the same time, because I do the same thing from time to time not only in golf but in other things too. Maybe men are simply designed to do competitions. However, when you look at it differently, you gave the others another good laughter and made their days. So this shouldn't be too bad after all.

If you like playing golf, please come to Perth! With moderately warm weather all year round and relatively inexpensive play fee, you can relax and enjoy playing golf thoroughly. Most of the golf courses here are within 30 minutes drive from the Perth central business district.

Please see the below website for photos of the best golf course in Perth. It is called "Joondalup Resort".

Kazuo Nagata said...

Hi Yasu, thanks for your comment. And nice knowing about you.

Yeah, the golf courses are closed for almost half a year in Akita and I can not practice as much as I would like to. But nowadays I practice golf every weekend. Hopefully I can improve on my skills.

And sure, my uncle was very amused that yet again I was the last in the second golf competition too.

I would like to visit Perth sometime in future. Thank you very much for the website address.